Episode 49 - Petsville

In this episode of Neighbourhood with MGM, Michael drops in to visit Jess at Birdsville (and now Petsville) on the corner of Botany Road and Gardeners Road 

Jess fills us in on the expansion of Birdsville and Petsville from a store specialising in birds, to a pet store accommodating customers of all things pet related. 

Jess also gives Michael some advice on the best types of birds to own. The Birdsville staff are qualified experts and animal lovers, offering their expertise to help local residents care for their pets with the best food, accessories and advice. Michael really gets to know some resident pets and leaves with a special gift from one of the birds! 

Birdsville and Petsville have just joined the MGM Loyalty Program. We welcome them on board and love to see our local residents getting a discount with their bird and pet's needs.  If you haven't already joined the MGM Properties Loyalty Card Program you can click, or visit the office in Mascot and best of all, ITS FREE!