Emine Dombayci

Emine Dombayci

Property Manager

Getting to know Emine Dombayci

Emine has worked in the real estate industry for over 16 years now and firmly believes that to succeed in real estate, agents and assistants a like need to possess and exhibit a truly supportive attitude towards every client. This positive can do outlook, as well her strong attachment to the local area in which she grew up in, lives and works in, makes Emine a valuable member of the MGM team with an exceptional work ethic.

The team at MGM Properties have a strong bond, we are all here to achieve the best we can for our clients and we all take a great deal of pride in our work and in our brand here. Looking after the best interests of your client, understanding their needs and goals, whether they are renting or leasing, is vital to providing an excellent service.

Emine strives to ensure landlords have nothing short of an outstanding experience at every step of the process, an enthusiastic approach that guarantees her contribution to MGM Properties outstanding reputation for being polished and professional at every level.